On Tuesday evening, Americans will sit down to watch two white men in suits, each with extended experience in politics, debate policy issues. It's as though, after 20 raucous months of 2016-ness, we're going to have a quick interlude from 1952.

I'm not trying to say that Tim Kaine and Mike Pence are boring, but their names are "Tim" and "Mike." I'm pretty confident that the closing credits in every episode of "The Andy Griffith Show" included extras who were identified only as "Tim" and "Mike," the former being the guy getting his hair cut at Floyd's and the latter sitting in his car at Gomer's filling station.

Here is the challenge we offer to you. Below, a quiz, in which you are asked to identify distinguishing characteristics about the two vice presidential candidates. This is the sort of thing that informed voters should -- no, must -- be able to ace in order to effectively weigh in on this year's election. I wish you luck.