Mike Pence and Tim Kaine talked over each other a lot during Tuesday’s vice-presidential debate. That put moderator Elaine Quijano in a tough spot — forced to choose between breaking up the squabbles and getting out of the way.

The CBSN anchor did some of both, disappearing for stretches but interjecting at other moments to regulate talking time, change subjects or admonish the candidates for interrupting each other.

Quijano’s attempts to assert control were not always successful, drawing criticism from some media colleagues.

Others in the press saw things differently, however, praising Quijano for trying, under difficult circumstances, to keep the conversation moving.

The split reviews for Quijano once again underscore the impossible task of pleasing everyone as a debate moderator. No matter what, you’re bound to take heat for being too passive or too intrusive, for taking too many detours or clinging too tightly to scripted questions.

Quijano hasn’t tweeted in more than a month. She might want to stay off Twitter a little longer.