If you were asked to imagine a portrait of a man swallowing his pride, it might look a lot like this picture of Ted Cruz.

The Dallas Morning News shot some video of Cruz phone-banking for Republicans on Wednesday. He wasn't specifically doing it for Trump — as our own Dave Weigel notes, he didn't mention Trump — but he did do it in front of a row of Trump-Pence posters, which gave it that appearance.

By Thursday, the video was making the rounds on Twitter, as people poked fun at the idea of Cruz making calls for a man who attacked his wife on multiple occasions and suggested his father might have been involved in the John F. Kennedy assassination.

We've documented these and seven other instances in which the two men have said awful things about one another. And yet, after a hiccup at the GOP convention, there is Cruz putting some work in for Trump.

The Internet has thoughts on the image: