Jimmy Fallon tried to make up for his previously soft handling of Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend — in the most Jimmy Fallon way possible.

Instead of launching into an anti-Trump screed, Fallon dressed in drag to play a white female voter from suburban Philadelphia named Doreen Troilo. Tina Fey joined him for a "Weekend Update" reunion and also played a white female voter from the 'burbs, representing a key, swing-state demographic.

Fey's character, Denise McDonough, gently protested when Troilo (Fallon) said she is undecided about whom to vote for.

McDONOUGH: Whatever. You love Trump.
TROILO: I don't love Trump.
McDONOUGH: Yeah? Well, stop acting like you do. Everyone thinks you love Trump. You're always like ...
TROILO: I did it one time. Get off my bra strap, cool police. I don't like Trump. I don't like that he called Alicia Machado fat.

The faux hair tousle was, of course, a reference to Fallon's most recent interview with Trump on "The Tonight Show."

Fellow comedian Samantha Bee blasted Fallon and NBC for "inviting him on their flagship comedy programs to show millions of Americans what a fun guy he is." Some journalists criticized Fallon for horsing around and helping Trump cultivate a more likable image at a time when the Republican presidential nominee has been avoiding interviews with the news media.

Fallon's "SNL" routine showed that he at least understands the blowback and doesn't want to be labeled a Trump fan. But the real question is whether his comedy on "The Tonight Show" takes on a tougher tone in the final weeks of the campaign or whether he sticks to breezy jokes about Trump's appearance.