Warning: As you can probably tell from the headline, there's some strong language in this post.

Donald Trump was out for blood in the second presidential debate. While Hillary Clinton mostly gritted her teeth and offered a thin smile as he called her a liar, "the devil," an abuser of women and other things, one of her aides decided to punch back for her. On Twitter. In the strongest language possible. In the middle of one of the most negative and heated debates in modern presidential history.

As you can imagine, it didn't go over smoothly.

About halfway through the debate, Clinton's foreign policy spokesman, Jesse Lehrich, had had it, and he tweeted this: (This is the strong language part, btw)

His Twitter rage continued, albeit slightly more edited:

Before the debate was over, Lehrich apologized. But he did not delete his offending tweet.

It probably won't surprise you to hear there were a lot of really angry people on Twitter saying really angry things about the debate, which was one of the most negative in modern presidential history.

Lehrich was one of them, yes, but Trump's team was at it, too.

Before the debate even began, the Republican nominee handed off his official account with a tongue-in-cheek reference to a comment Clinton made last month in a fundraiser about Trump's supporters:

When Trump went on the offensive in a major way -- accusing Clinton of intimidating some of her husband's accusers, lying about her emails and vowing to appoint a special prosecutor when he's president to put Clinton in prison -- Trump's Twitter accounts quickly followed their boss's lead, gleefully calling Clinton a liar and a crook and abusive:

Hillary Clinton's official account was at Trump's throat, too.

Candidates often have staff members tweet during a debates to amplify points the candidates make in real time.
Trump's Twitter feed did a pretty good job of channeling what their candidate was saying and doing on the debate stage.

One of Clinton's aides, it's safe to say, did not.