Precisely zero people on the planet would describe Donald Trump's relationship with Hillary Clinton as “friendly.” But at the end of a contentious, sometimes ugly debate — which came after a contentious, sometimes ugly weekend — the two were forced to compliment each other after a question from audience member Karl Becker.

Clinton chose to praise Trump's children, though she was not particularly specific about what she appreciates about them (and sitting just a few feet away, Eric, Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. did not look impressed).

Trump chose to go a more surprising route, saying that Clinton “doesn't give up” — surprising because it's a compliment that Clinton's own surrogates give her regularly, and clashes pretty obviously with Trump's oft-repeated assertion that she doesn't have the “stamina” to be president.

While the depth and sincerity of the compliments might be in question, the moment managed to break through the oppressive blanket of tension that had settled over the entire proceeding. (The two candidates had not shaken each other's hand as the debate began. After it ended, they did.)

And it was probably the last time the two will compliment each other between now and Nov. 8.