Donald Trump loves breaking records. He has boasted about earning more votes in a Republican presidential primary than any candidate in history and helping set a new mark for debate viewership.

But lately Trump has been breaking endorsement records at various news outlets — and not in the good way. Publications that have backed the Republican Party nominee for decades are refusing to do so. Some that have rarely, if ever, endorsed a Democrat — or any candidate at all — have done just that.

The latest examples are Foreign Policy magazine, which on Sunday bestowed on Hillary Clinton the first-ever endorsement in its history, and the Columbus Dispatch, which backed Clinton the same day, marking the first time in a century that the newspaper had supported a Democrat.

Here's an excerpt from Foreign Policy:

Our readers depend on FP for insight and analysis into issues of national security and foreign policy. We feel that our obligation to our readers thus extends now to making clear the great magnitude of the threat that a Donald Trump presidency would pose to the United States.

And here's a bit of what the Columbus Dispatch wrote:

For us, the choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is not pleasant, but it isn’t difficult. Republican candidate Donald Trump is unfit to be president of the United States. Democrat Hillary Clinton, despite her flaws, is well-equipped for the job.

In case you've lost track, here is a rundown of the decades-long endorsement streaks Trump has broken so far:

Less than a month from Election Day, Trump is still without a single daily newspaper endorsement. Though he loves to rail against the "biased" media, some of the publications that are rejecting him now have traditionally been locks for Republican nominees.

As he's often boasted, Trump really is making history — just not the kind of history he'd like.