We first published this when there was still a month to go in the 2016 campaign. It may still feel that way, but believe it or not, we're now achingly close to the finish line. Here's a tool that will tell you exactly how close.

In any other context, “still one month left” seems like a long time. When you tell your kid there's “still one month left” before the holidays or summer vacation, I assume the reaction that ensues is not giddy enthusiasm. If I tell you there's “still one month left” before your brother-in-law moves out, how do you react? (I don't want to hear any nonsense about how great your brother-in-law is; you get my point.)

And yet! There's still one month left to go in this election, but it seems as if Election Day is practically tomorrow. In this case, it's as though we had been traveling the 93 million miles to the sun and are now only 3.5 million miles away. That's pretty far, but we've never been closer to the sweet embrace of seeing everything come to a burning, fiery end.

Not that I don't love politics.

Let's say, though, that you're curious precisely how much longer this trudge toward democracy will last. Down to the minute. Well, so was I. So I made a tool that answers that question.

Using poll closing times collected by the Green Papers, this map tells you a bunch of different information. First, the color of each state shows who is leading in the RealClearPolitics polling average. (More info here.) The big countdown timer above the map shows how long until the last polls close in Alaska — the absolute end of this nonsense, save for a 2000-style nightmare. Mouse over any state (or click on mobile) to see how long until the last polls close in that state, as well as information about who leads there now and how it voted in 2012.

The marvelous thing about this, the truly wonderful thing, is that you can just keep it open, shining bright in your face for the remainder of the election, watching all of this stuff drift slowly away like the sands of the most obnoxious hourglass imaginable. Even as you read this, look! The end of the election draws closer and closer. Soon enough, we will be done.

Soon enough, we will be free.