When Anderson Cooper asked Donald Trump bluntly whether he had acted on any of the lewd comments that he made in his 2005 "Access Hollywood" taping with Billy Bush during Sunday's debate, Trump answered very clearly: "Let me tell you, no I have not."

But in the days since, multiple women have come forward accusing Trump of doing exactly what he described on tape: forcing himself on them sexually by kissing or groping them, and entering the dressing rooms of the beauty pageants he owns while women were undressing.

Their stories are harrowing, but an army of Trump surrogates took to the airwaves to defend him. Both candidates have such surrogates; their job is generally to deflect attention away from negative stories and turn the conversation around to their candidates' opponent. The Republican presidential nominee's surrogates are out in force.

One adviser accused the women of fabricating their stories. Another said he'd still vote for Trump even if the allegations were true. And former GOP primary candidate Ben Carson simply called the accusations "a bunch of crap."

In the video above, several of Trump's TV surrogates are shown putting up their best defenses. The problem is, their arguments aren't very convincing.