Donald Trump has spent much of the past week claiming that the media is “rigging” the presidential election against him, complaining about his portrayals in the New York Times and on “Saturday Night Live.” But surely the embattled Republican nominee is safe from scrutiny on the shores of Lake Wobegon.

Actually, he is not. “A Prairie Home Companion” premiered a new season with a new host, Chris Thile, on Saturday and mocked Trump for his bombast, his allegedly tiny hands and — most notably — his loss of endorsements in the wake of sexual assault accusations and a video in which Trump bragged about being able to grope women and get away with it.

The radio sketch featured Thile and imitations of Trump and former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. (Listen here, starting at 36:42).

THILE: I’m Chris Thile, and I approve this message — mostly.
SANDERS: Let me just say this, Chris. I’ll cut right to the chase. Only the top one-tenth of one percent of the public radio listeners who are young today are paying their fair share of the costs of the very important service, okay? While the bottom 99 percent are spending their discretionary funds on cappuccinos and Minecraft, as if gamers need more caffeine. To ensure future growth, what this public radio needs is a membership revolution. A branding genius.
THILE: Sen. Sanders, do you — do you know one?
SANDERS: I’m afraid I do, and he’s all yours.
TRUMP: It’s true. It’s true. Only I can make public radio great again, okay? It’s true, okay? Let’s start with your loser incentives, all right? The boring mugs, the low-energy CDs, politically-correct tote bags. All losers, okay? When you pledge, I’ll send you the Gary Busey mug. When that mug wakes you up in the morning, you’ll remember where you got it from, all right? For your church-going listeners, how about this beautiful CD — it’s fantastic — Omarosa sings from Two Corinthians? All right? It’s very high-energy. Fantastic. And to top it off, my Totally Trump Tote: imitation gold vinyl, adjustable handles that fit even the smallest of hands, okay? And then, then it expands to fit very large, yuge hands, like mine.
SANDERS: Well, Chris, Chris. I unendorse my recommendation here, okay? All I can say is join the revolution now and pledge your support to this public radio station. Thank you.
THILE: Thank you Sen. Sanders, Mr. Trump, for something we all can agree on.

As satire goes, this was pretty gentle. “A Prairie Home Companion” did not directly address the recent spate of allegations against Trump, only hinting at the fallout by having the Sanders character withdraw his endorsement of Trump's marketing brilliance.

But real-life Trump and his supporters are on high alert for media criticism these days. Sean Hannity and others last week protested NBC's plan to air an episode of “Law & Order: SVU,” featuring a Trump-like character, before Election Day. NBC said Friday that it would hold the episode until after the election.

Trump's narrative is that virtually everyone in the media is out to get him. Now, even “A Prairie Home Companion” belongs on his list.