Dan Scavino does social media for Donald Trump's campaign. His expertise is Social Engagement™ and Twitter And Such™, not polling — which may be one reason he tends to tweet about polls less frequently than other members of Team Trump.

He should have tweeted about polls one less time than he did Wednesday.

There was a good poll for Trump in Florida on Wednesday. It was from Bloomberg and showed Trump with a 2-point lead in a state that Trump absolutely has to win. (Or he could, say, win New York — but Florida would be a bit easier.)

Instead, Scavino tweeted about a poll from Florida Atlantic University.

This is probably the “most accurate” poll from Florida, per Scavino — who, again, may not know anything about polls — and it apparently shows Trump up by a staggering 14 points.

The catch? That's only among people who plan to vote on Election Day, which Scavino doesn't mention, or didn't notice.

From the poll:

In a sign of the Clinton campaign's organizational strength, she leads among the 26 percent of respondents who said they already voted, 54 percent to 41 percent for Trump. Clinton also leads 49 to 40 percent among women voters. Trump leads among those who plan to vote on Election Day, however, 50 to 36 percent.

Emphasis added, by both myself and Scavino.

Overall, the FAU poll — which I hear from Sources™ is one of the “most accurate" -- shows Trump trailing by 3 points. That's because the poll found that Hillary Clinton had a big lead among those who've already voted, offsetting the numbers Scavino tweeted out.

I'm still trying to figure out how this poll was Rigged™ or maybe the Bloomberg one was Rigged™, but something here is clearly Rigged™, and I will get to the bottom of it.