On the list of words to never, ever say if you're a male politician — well, really, a politician of any gender — the one that Texas’s agriculture commissioner tweeted is most definitely near the top. Especially when used to describe the first female major-party presidential nominee.

The Twitter account for Sid Miller, a conservative Republican who is an adviser to Donald Trump, referred to Hillary Clinton as a “c---” (an obscene term for female genitalia) in a now-deleted tweet Tuesday afternoon.

Miller’s office did not respond to a voice mail seeking comment. Mark Loeffler, the communications director for the Texas Department of Agriculture, told mySA.com that Miller's account might have been hacked. “No one from the Sid Miller organization would ever put anything like that on Twitter,” Loeffler said.

Another spokesman, reached by the Dallas Morning News, wasn’t aware of the tweet and said he would look into it.

A few days ago, Miller jabbed at Clinton for having a team proof her tweets before she hits send.

Miller is a vocal Trump supporter, and Trump has repaid the love. At a rally Sunday in Las Vegas, Trump praised Miller, calling him “yet another star.” As the Texas Tribune’s Patrick Svitek points out, Miller’s giant embrace of Trump is unusual in Texas, a state that Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.) won handily in the GOP presidential primaries.

Miller has been in Texas GOP politics for more than a decade. He is known as a colorful and sometimes controversial character, especially on social media. In March, PolitiFact Texas gave Miller a “Pants on Fire!” rating (the most truth-bending) for sharing on Facebook a photo of President Obama apparently holding a Che Guevara shirt. (It was a doctored photo; Obama was at MIT holding a shirt that depicted complex equations.)

When Miller was touring China in 2015, his social-media team shared a Facebook post that suggested nuking the entire Muslim world. (It was removed a few days later, but his campaign spokesman, Todd Smith, left open-ended the question of whether Miller agreed with the idea of nuking millions of people. “He has not made any bones about where he stands on the issue of radical Islamic terrorism, and we’re not going to be creating a witch hunt or doing anything to find out who posted it,” Smith told the San Antonio Express News. “And I think it was a powerful post that caused people to stop and think about the current state of the world.”)

The other entries that could be filed under controversy on Miller’s Wikipedia page include a dust-up in March over a cure-all “Jesus shot” that he billed taxpayers to travel to Oklahoma to get. (He paid them back.) And granting cupcakes amnesty in his first role as agriculture commissioner. (Also, soda. Kids should be able to have some fun with their lunch, apparently.)

So, to recap: Last week, we had a former congressman tell the world, “If Trump loses, I'm grabbing my musket.” And seven days before the election, the Twitter account of a Texas state official and Trump supporter called Clinton the c-word.