Andrew Jackson wasn't big into backing down.

The president participated in more than 100 duels over his lifetime. Mental Floss writes of the seventh president's tendency to step outside:

Often, these run-ins were instigated by talk of Jackson's wife, Rachel, who'd previously been with an abusive husband. Jackson valiantly rescued her from the nasty situation, yet the finality of her divorce at the time of their wedding was questionable at best. Needless to say, this was a sore spot for Jackson, and he wasn't afraid to draw his pistol at any mention of it. In fact, things only got worse when he decided to run for president, as it became the topic of a massive smear campaign.

Jackson was seriously injured several times in these duels. In one famous one — against fellow horse breeder Charles Dickinson (amazing name) — Jackson was shot in the chest. He continued on in the duel, though, and killed (!) Dickinson. I mean, it was 1806. But still!

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