Many of Donald Trump's Republican primary opponents have had some choice descriptions for him. Marco Rubio called him a “con man.” Ted Cruz, a “sniveling coward” and “serial adulterer.” Chris Christie, a “carnival barker.” Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee called him a “car wreck.”

Of course, one of those slams isn't quite like the others. Rubio, Cruz and Christie all lobbed those insults as attacks in the heat of the primary season, before they'd endorsed Trump's presidential bid. Huckabee delivered his after. And he meant it as a compliment (we think.)

On the Friday before Election Day, this is what Huckabee had to say:

After reading this, you may have questions. So did we. Namely:

1. Why compare Trump to a car wreck now? He's actually been pretty disciplined on the campaign trail the last few days and hasn't caused any major controversies. This comment, which comes as Trump has been functioning near his best, just reminds everyone of the worst.

2. Isn't the likely outcome of a drunken driver going the wrong way on the freeway ... a car wreck? We're no automotive experts, but we're fairly certain that the direction a car wreck is pointed does not have much bearing on its deadliness. Bold pronouncement: Car wrecks are a bad thing, no matter which way the vehicle faces.

(It may also be worth noting that Huckabee's comment just happens to allude to the latest pro-Trump Internet meme, which has no apparent basis in fact: the idea that Clinton is a secret alcoholic.)

That's not the only suspect metaphor Huckabee has uncorked in recent weeks. About a month ago, during an appearance on Megyn Kelly's show, he compared Trump to Captain Quint from the movie “Jaws”.

Kelly called him on it:

HUCKABEE: He is like Captain Quint in the original movie “Jaws.” He's vulgar. He's salty. He might even get drunk. He's just a...
KELLY: He doesn't drink.
HUCKABEE: But hold on here. He's the guy who's going to save your butt and save your family. And so, at the end of the day, when he kills the shark, you're happy about it. Now, Hillary is the shark. She's going to eat your boat. She's going to have open borders. Immigration out the kazoo and so, the choice is do you vote for Captain Quint who's going to save your family or do you vote for the shark? That's the choice you get to make.
KELLY: Now, governor, I hate to be the one to tell you this.
HUCKABEE: You're going to ...
KELLY: But Captain Quint got eaten by the shark on the movie.
HUCKABEE: But he died saving the other people. That's what he did.
KELLY: But he died and went down in flames and the shark won as between the two of them.
HUCKABEE: The shark didn't win. The shark got blown up. Look. Any analogy can fall apart, Megyn.
KELLY: After it ate him.
HUCKABEE: Work with me on this. Come on. Work with me. This is a good one.

In fact, Huckabee's friendliest metaphor for Trump might have come when he was actually running against him.

“We have some remarkable people,” Huckabee said at a September 2015 debate. “And, in fact, not only are we the 'A-Team'; we even have our own Mr. T, who doesn't mind saying about others: 'You're a fool.'”