The Miami Herald published a 2,000-word endorsement of Hillary Clinton last month. It turns out the newspaper needed only two photographs to make the same point.

In a full-page, Election Day spread, the Miami Herald's opinion section ran two large pictures, one of Clinton and one of Donald Trump. The simplest of captions read “Her, not him. Enough said.”

As Fix managing editor Rebecca Sinderbrand told me, a picture is worth 1,000 words, so it follows that two pictures would be worth 2,000.

For Trump, the Herald's self-described “bold statement” caps a rough season of newspaper editorials. Many publications that have traditionally endorsed Republican presidential candidates rejected Trump. The list includes the San Diego Union-Tribune, Arizona RepublicCincinnati Enquirer, Dallas Morning NewsHouston Chronicle and the State of Columbia, S.C., all of which backed Clinton, instead.

Other right-leaning papers, such as the Chicago Tribune and Detroit News, threw in behind Libertarian Gary Johnson. And USA Today, which had never taken a position in a presidential race, issued what it called a “disendorsement” of Trump.

“By all means vote, just not for Donald Trump,” USA Today's editorial board wrote.

This is part of the Trump brand. He has said he is “running against the crooked media,” so scathing editorials — or ones that feature just a couple of photos — only reinforce his argument.