One hundred and thirty-six years ago, The Washington Post printed the results of the first presidential election it covered: James A. Garfield against Winfield Scott Hancock. The Post had been in print for three years.

Garfield won in 1880: “Garfield Elected: An Undoubted Republican Majority in the Electoral College.” We've been in the campaign reporting business ever since.

Here are the Post's front pages for every U.S. presidential election since 1880, from Grover Cleveland and Calvin Coolidge to Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama.

2016: Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton

2012: Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney

2008: Barack Obama vs. John McCain

2004: George W. Bush vs. John Kerry

2000: George W. Bush vs. Al Gore vs. Ralph Nader

1996: Bill Clinton vs. Robert Dole vs. H. Ross Perot vs. Ralph Nader

1992: Bill Clinton vs. George H.W. Bush vs. H. Ross Perot

1988: George H.W. Bush vs. Michael Dukakis

1984: Ronald Reagan vs. Walter Mondale

1980: Ronald Reagan vs. Jimmy Carter vs. John B. Anderson

1976: Jimmy Carter vs. Gerald Ford

1972: Richard M. Nixon vs. George McGovern

1968: Richard M. Nixon vs. Hubert Humphrey vs. George Wallace

1964: Lyndon B. Johnson vs. Barry Goldwater

1960: John F. Kennedy vs. Richard M. Nixon

1956: Dwight D. Eisenhower vs. Adlai E. Stevenson

1952: Dwight D. Eisenhower vs. Adlai E. Stevenson

1948: Harry Truman vs. Thomas E. Dewey vs. Strom Thurmond vs. Henry Wallace

1944: Franklin D. Roosevelt vs. Thomas E. Dewey

1940: Franklin D. Roosevelt vs. Wendall L. Wilkie

1936: Franklin D. Roosevelt vs. Alfred M. Landon

1932: Franklin D. Roosevelt vs. Herbert Hoover

1928: Herbert Hoover vs. Alfred E. Smith

1924: Calvin Coolidge vs. Robert M. Lafollette vs. Burton K. Wheeler vs. John W. Davis

1920: Warren G. Harding vs. James M. Cox vs. Eugene V. Debs

1916: Woodrow Wilson vs. Charles Evans Hughs

1912: Woodrow Wilson vs. William Howard Taft vs. Theodore Roosevelt vs. Eugene V. Debs

1908: William Howard Taft vs. William Jennings Bryan

1904: Theodore Roosevelt vs. Alton Parker

1900: William McKinley vs. William Jennings Bryan

1896: William McKinley vs. William Jennings Bryan vs. Thomas Watson vs. John Palmer

1892: Grover Cleveland vs. Benjamin Harrison vs. James B. Weaver

1888: Benjamin Harrison vs. Grover Cleveland

1884: Grover Cleveland vs. James G. Blaine

1880: James A. Garfield vs. Winfield Scott Hancock