America is divided.

America is always divided, of course, with our reds and our blues and so on. But America seems particularly divided now, thanks to a presidential election that starred two unpopular candidates and ended in a near-tie.

Since Donald Trump won, there's been a lot of hand-wringing about the extent to which people in different parts of the country might not understand one another. Does some jerk in New York City really get what life is like for, say, an orange rancher in Central California? (I hope so to some extent, since he's my brother-in-law.) Does someone in rural Minnesota know what motivates people in our nation's capital? It's hard to say.

Interestingly, our political opposites aren't always very far away geographically. There are places a short drive away from you right now that voted the exact opposite of where you live, for whatever reason. And should you want to do your part to erase the divides in America, we made a tool that lets you find those places.

Enter your county (or any county) below and search to find the counties that voted most like and unlike that county in last week's election. More to the point, it will also return the county that's both close and different from the county for which you searched. (You can also have the tool locate where you are right now — click "Find me" — but you'll need to click "Allow" when prompted to let it do so. We don't store this information, obviously.)

What should you do with this information? You should drive to the place that voted differently than where you live and make some friends. Hear people out. Do your part to eliminate the divides in American politics. Or you should enter different counties and see what comes up while not going anywhere. That is also fun.

FYI, nerds: The mapping system is powered by Mapzen, an open source mapping tool.