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President-elect Donald Trump hosted television executives and anchors for an off-the-record meeting at Trump Tower in New York on Monday, and everything went great. Just great.

“It was very cordial, very productive, very congenial,” Trump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway told reporters afterward, according to a pool report.

(Update: The New York Post, citing two unnamed sources, reports that the session was actually a mess, with Trump haranguing his media guests about campaign coverage.)

“It's great to hit the reset button,” she added.

Great! So journalists can fly with Trump on the same plane when he travels to Florida on Tuesday?

“I don't think so,” Conway said.

Oh. Well then Trump is ready to schedule a news conference, right? After all, he hasn't held one in months.

“The man works 18 hours a day interviewing people, taking calls from all around the world,” Conway explained. “He will have a press conference in due course.”

So what exactly has been reset?

Almost two weeks removed from Election Day, Team Trump's efforts to reassure anxious journalists have not been backed up with actions. Spokeswoman Hope Hicks has said repeatedly that reporters can expect Trump to institute a protective press pool that will follow him virtually everywhere, yet the incoming president has made a sport of ditching journalists since his victory. Monday's “congenial” meeting was a nice gesture, but it didn't produce any tangible increase in access.

Conway added that Trump will meet Tuesday with representatives of the New York Times. Despite his 18-hour workdays, the real estate tycoon has found time during his transition to rip the Times frequently on Twitter.

Perhaps, after Tuesday's session, Conway will promise no more 140-character nastygrams from her boss. But based on Trump's pattern, the Times should not expect such a guarantee.

President-elect Donald Trump held what senior adviser Kellyanne Conway called a “reset” meeting for members of the media at Trump Tower on Monday. (Victoria Walker/The Washington Post)