The media hyperactivity that has been a hallmark of Donald Trump's campaign spilled over into the post-election period, with the candidate himself happily obliging the tendency.

That meant that by mid-November, there was already some (limited!) handwringing about the fact that Trump hadn't yet picked any of the members of his Cabinet. That sentiment was coupled with stories about how slowly and messily the transition efforts were progressing, mind you, a neat demonstration of the fact that "the media" is no more a monolithic hive mind than are "Californians."

Anyway. I went back and looked at when past presidents-elect had identified their nominees for various Cabinet positions. No one got out of the gates more rapidly than George H. W. Bush, and no one more slowly than his son (though George W. Bush was limited by the fact that he wasn't named president-elect until December).

So how does Trump compare? He's moving pretty quickly.

Trump has picked three members of his Cabinet so far, compared to H. W. Bush's four by this point and Barack Obama's one. In other words, it's the second-fastest clip since 1980. That's no guarantee he'll be done quickly; H. W.'s final pick didn't come until about a week before his inauguration. But it's certainly nothing too exceptional given recent history.

The good news for the media is that there are still plenty of other things to be hyperactive about.