As part of an effort to present Donald Trump's victory as the overwhelming will of the American people, both the president-elect and his former campaign manager have referred to his victory as a "landslide." That's only in the electoral college, mind you, since Trump lost the popular vote. But nonetheless, that's the claim that's been made.

Our fact-checkers made short work of that argument, putting it into historic context. We at El Fix also noted that Trump's claim to an overwhelming mandate is undercut a bit by having failed to security a majority of votes in either the primaries or general.

This chart, though, does perhaps the best job of putting that landslide claim into context.

Trump's win was historic, floating out there at the bottom left. But it doesn't seem right to call it a "landslide," in any sense.

But we acknowledge that the word itself, like "mandate", is subjective. So, to that end, we're throwing this question out to the masses.

What do you think constitutes a landslide? Is it winning 400 electoral votes? 275? Winning 75 percent of the popular vote? 51? You tell us! And then, once you've submitted your picks, you can see what everyone else said. Later this week, we'll explore the results and, once and for all, determine what is and isn't a landslide.

Mr. Trump, you may only submit your opinion once.