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Pence said Michael Flynn Jr. ‘has no involvement in the transition.’ But he did.

Update No. 2: Now the New York Times reports that Trump has fired the younger Flynn due to his tweets

Update: Trump spokesman Jason Miller clarified later Tuesday morning that Michael Flynn Jr. had been involved with the transition but isn't anymore. "The younger Michael Flynn was helping his father with some administration and scheduling duties early in the transition process, and he is no longer involved with transition efforts," Miller said on the transition team's daily conference call.

Pence's denial earlier Tuesday morning was in the present tense, so it appears to be strictly accurate -- while misleading and not the whole picture. But it's still not clear when Flynn's involvement ended or whether it was a result of his tweets Sunday.

The original post follows.

Vice President-elect Mike Pence said Tuesday morning that Michael Flynn Jr., the son and top aide to Trump national security adviser pick Michael Flynn, has “no involvement” in the Trump transition.

Pence made the comments during an appearance on MSNBC's “Morning Joe” when asked about the younger Flynn, who on Sunday promoted a conspiracy theory about the Clintons being involved in a sex-slave ring.

Pence's statement is a pretty strong blanket denial. Here's the transcript:

MIKE BARNICLE: What’s the level of concern within the national security apparatus about Gen. Flynn’s son?
PENCE: Well, Gen. Flynn’s son has no involvement in the transition whatsoever. Ah, and …
BARNICLE: He has a transition email [address].
PENCE: Well, he has no involvement in the transition whatsoever.
JOE SCARBOROUGH: So you were saying, as the head of the transition, that Flynn’s son is not involved at all in the transition.
PENCE: No, he’s not.

Except that there seems to be plenty of evidence that Flynn has at least been present for transition-related business.

For one, there's this photo of him accompanying his father to a meeting at Trump Tower on Nov. 17.

The New York Times reported Monday that the younger Flynn, who has served as his father's chief of staff, has “accompanied his father to presidential transition meetings” — plural — “inside Trump Tower.”

Then there's the fact that, as Barnicle noted, Flynn Jr. has been given a .gov email address, as The Post confirmed Monday, and that he lists the Trump transition team's website — — on his Twitter bio.

“No involvement whatsoever” is a pretty high bar. That's not making the argument that Flynn Jr. doesn't have an official position; it's saying that he hasn't been involved in anything transition-related. It's hard to square that with him accompanying his dad to transition meetings.

What's more, how does someone who doesn't have any involvement in the transition effort somehow get an official transition email address? Are they handing these out like candy? And importantly, is he getting transition-related emails on that account?

All questions that should be answered, given Pence's strong denial Tuesday morning.