As retiring Senate Minority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) says his goodbyes to Congress this week, he will leave behind three-and-a-half decades of unapologetic insults, sardonic judgments and sometimes just-plain-weird tangents.

Instead of letting all those be lost to history, we thought we'd immortalize them. And it turns out the best one-liners from one of Washington's most iconic politicians look great on holiday cards — to send to people you hate. So The Fix's coder-in-chief, Philip Bump, helped me put one together.

It is fitting Reid's quips should live on this way. Despite being a public figure for decades and Senate Democrats' leader for a full decade, he has never been known as someone who enjoys warm and fuzzy small talk, or even talking to people at all. As my colleague Paul Kane explains, Reid's irascible style is rooted in a childhood spent in a corner of the Nevada desert where he literally had to hitchhike 40 miles each way to school.

As such, Reid — who presided over momentous Senate moments such as ending the filibuster for most political nominations and the passage of Obamacare — will be leaving Washington with more than a few people holding the door open.

But he'll also be leaving behind a legacy as one of the most powerful and decisive Senate leaders in decades — plus a cool holiday-insult-card generator in his name. And how many retiring politicians can say they have both those things?

Hit the generator button to get your very own Harry Reid Holiday Card, made with love for people you hate.