Trump Winery, located in Charlottesville, is run by Eric Trump, the middle son of Donald Trump. The president-elect himself has a stake in the enterprise though, according to his personal financial disclosure. Meaning that, with the winery’s recent request for temporary guest workers to fill six farmworker positions, businesses associated with Trump have offered at least 513 jobs reserved for migrant workers since mid-2013.

The winery job information provided at the website of the Labor Department is offered in the name of Trump Vineyard Estates LLC, the same company name that is listed on Trump’s disclosure. The work the company is trying to fill is in the vineyards, pruning vines for 40 hours of work spread over six days of the week, with employment beginning at the end of January. The hourly wage for tending the wine grapes (“uvas de vino,” as the company’s employment request reads) is $10.72 an hour. That’s a cost to the winery of about $10,300 in wages for those employees.

Those jobs require H-2A visas, which are allocated to agricultural workers who are doing work “of a temporary or seasonal nature,” according to the Citizenship and Immigration Services website. To hire under the program, the employer needs to "[d]emonstrate that there are not enough U.S. workers who are able, willing, qualified, and available to do the temporary work.” It’s not clear how the winery demonstrated that. The unemployment rate in Albemarle County is 3.6 percent.

This is the fourth employee request for the winery since 2014. That year, it sought 20 positions at a minimum of $9.87 an hour. In 2015, the pay bumped up to $10.32 an hour.

Other Trump properties have hired employees under H-2B visas, which are designed for nonagricultural employees. For the most part, these are workers being hired to for Trump’s hotels, resorts and golf courses, including Mar-a-Lago in Florida.

The salaries vary by position and year. Cooks hired under the visa program at Mar-a-Lago who started in October 2013 were paid $12.95 an hour. In 2014, it rose to $12.96, and, in 2015, as Trump was campaigning, rose another 5 cents an hour. Those beginning this year in the same position were paid $12.74 an hour — the equivalent of $12.43 three years ago.

Positions for which Trump businesses have sought employees under the H-2 program

Two hundred sixty-nine of those positions began after Donald Trump declared his candidacy for the presidency. The cost for all of these positions adds up to a bit over $900,000 in monthly salary alone.

Trump’s businesses work with outside counsel to prepare the job applications. In the case of the winery’s application, the firm that assisted is called Mas Labor, which specializes in H-2A applications. The firm’s name is in Spanish, translating to “more work.”