Prof. Allan Lichtman was one of the few professional prognosticators to call a Donald Trump win – and now he has another prediction. (Peter Stevenson/The Washington Post)

At the end of every year, I like to look back on what The Fix did well and what did well on The Fix. (These are often similar things -- but not always.) It's one way I try to understand what people are interested in when it comes to politics.

The answer this year?  Allan Lichtman. Allan Lichtman. Allan Lichtman.

Lichtman is a distinguished professor of history at American University who, most notably, has developed a full-proof and time-tested system to predict the winner of presidential elections.  In this election, his system suggested, narrowly, that Donald Trump would win -- at a time when you couldn't find ANYONE willing to say that on the record.

Lichtman made that prediction in an interview with The Fix's Peter Stevenson -- one of several times the two chatted over the course of the fall. And, every time Lichtman said, well, anything, readers flocked.

Of the 10 most trafficked posts on The Fix in 2016, four involved Lichtman and his unorthodox predictions. Those four posts totaled more than 10 million unique visitors alone and were four of the 37 most trafficked posts on the entire WaPo website this year.

2016 was most definitely the Year of Lichtman.

Below a list of the 10 Fix posts that had the most unique visitors in 2016.

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6. Professor who predicted 30 years of presidential elections correctly called a Trump win in September 

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