Look, man, I don't want to plan your weekends. But if you find yourself with nothing to do on Jan. 14, here's a fun suggestion: Pop on up to Gettysburg. You know! Historic Gettysburg! It's not that far! They have a restaurant there named for Hall of Fame pitcher Eddie Plank! And some other stuff, I guess.

Fine. If all that still isn't enough for you, on the morning of Jan. 14, you can pick a president — any president — to take home with you, permanently.

It turns out Gettysburg's Hall of Presidents and First Ladies Museum has closed. That's a real bummer, because it had apparently been operating for nearly six decades and looks pretty neat.

The upside, though, is that the contents of the museum will be going up for auction on Jan. 14. They include “life-sized wax figures” of all the presidents, according to the website for the Pa. OnSite Auction Company, which is handling this operation. The auction will also have figurines of the First Ladies that, I'm sad to report, are not life-sized, because of the patriarchy, probably.

I took a quick spin through the auction company's website, and there are some real gems in this sale. If you're thinking about bidding later this month, here are a few solid options:

John Adams

Grog tankard half-empty: Okay, so his musical wasn't eponymous. Grog tankard half-full: This founding father actually made it to the Big Show.

William Henry Harrison

He was only president for a month — but he can rule your living room for years to come.

Martin Van Buren

Those mutton chops can be yours.

This one may only be mostly dead. See, mostly dead is still slightly alive.

James Buchanan

Free cane.

Thomas Jefferson

The eyes. They've seen some things.

Gerald Ford.

The 38th president borrowed your dad's prom tux!

In short, this is a very cool thing. Good luck on your sale, Hall of Presidents and First Ladies Museum! If you don't move Abraham Lincoln, I might be interested.