Donald Trump sat down with Fox News Channel anchor Ainsley Eardhardt on Wednesday. He talked about his rapidly-approaching inauguration as well as his Twitter habits. Using Genius, I annotated it. You can too! Sign up for Genius and annotate alongside me! To see an annotation, click or tap the highlighted part of the transcript.

AINSLEY EARHARDT:  President-Elect Trump, thank you so much for meeting with us today.
EARHARDT:  Exciting week for you -- 
TRUMP:  It is.
EARHARDT:  -- what's the first thing you're gonna do when you walk into the White House?
TRUMP:  Well, I want to go to work.  Monday is really the day that we start signing and workin' and making great deals for the country.
EARHARDT:  I know Melania and your son are going to stay here in New York until he finishes school at least -- 
TRUMP:  Yes.
EARHARDT:  Will they be there with you Friday night --
TRUMP:  Oh, yeah.
EARHARDT: -- your first night in the White House will be your whole family be there?
TRUMP:  Oh, yeah, my whole family's gonna be in the White House.  Barron and Melanie and my -- all of my children will be in the White House, which is sort of a tradition.
They say the first night you have your family there.  But Ivanka, Don, Eric, Tiffany, they're all going to be in the White House.
And it'll be very exciting.  There's something very special about that building.  Every time you walk in it it's just -- something so incredible about the White House.
EARHARDT:  Not many people get the opportunity to say -- 
TRUMP:  No, no.
EARHARDT:  -- they are the president of the United States of America -- 
TRUMP:  No, very humbling, I will tell you.
EARHARDT:  I'm sure.  Do you think about your parents?
TRUMP:  I do.  My parents were great -- I had great parents and loving parents and my father was a strong guy. Actually, my mother was at least equally as strong, but a lot of people didn't quite understand that.  That she was strong but good.  Both good, great hearts and great parents.
EARHARDT: I wanted to ask you about your speech, the inauguration speech.  Have you prepared your speech -- 
TRUMP:  Yes.
EARHARDT:  -- have you practiced?  What's the first line?
TRUMP:  Well, I have prepared it -- well, the first line is thanking everybody, all of the presidents.  And -- including, by the way, President Obama and Michelle who have been absolutely nice.
Melanie has spent time with Michelle and it was great and Ivanka the other day spoke to her.  The conversation was going to be a quick conversation, it lasted an hour.  And they got along great. 
And so I -- I'm just thanking President Obama and I'm thanking his very lovely wife because they have been so gracious.
TRUMP:  So we're gonna have a -- we're gonna have a tremendous turn out.  I think it's gonna be -- from what I'm hearing, the numbers are gonna to be astronomical.
EARHARDT:  there are some congressmen and women who have decided not to show up and not be there. 
What was your reaction when Congressman Lewis calls this?
TRUMP:  Well, what he said is that he's never done it before, but he has.  And, you know, he has done it before because he did it with President Bush 43.  And he did it on the same basis, he said; he is not our president or something thereabouts.  And that's a very bad misrepresentation.
EARHARDT:  Now Congressman Lewis is saying he doesn't -- he didn't remember that he skipped out on inauguration.
TRUMP:  Well, yeah.  He conveniently doesn't remember.  How do you forget if you go to an inauguration?  I can tell you when I was at the inaugurations and you don't forget something like that.
So he got caught and it's pretty bad. So let's see what happens.  As far as other people not going, that's OK, because we need seats so badly --
EARHARDT:  Yes.  People -- 
TRUMP:  I hope they give me their tickets.  Are they going to give us their tickets or are they going to --
EARHARDT:  You're OK with them not going?
TRUMP:  -- give them to other people?  No, what happens to their tickets?  I hope they're gonna give us their tickets.
EARDHARDT:  What about these celebrities who are now pulling out?
TRUMP: Many of the celebrities that are saying they're not going, they were never invited.  I don't want the celebrities, I want the people, and we have the biggest celebrities in the world there.
TRUMP:  The biggest in the world.
TRUMP:  Well.  I won't say that.  But we have the biggest - Emperors and--
EARDHARDT:  How about these designers that are saying they don't want to dress your wife?  Did she even ask Tom Ford?
TRUMP:  Never asked Tom Ford doesn't like Tom Ford, doesn't like his designs. 
Tom Ford is an example.  "I will not dress the First Lady." He was never asked to dress - and Steve Wynn just called me and he said he thought it was so terrible what Tom Ford said, that he threw his clothing out of his Las Vegas hotel.  I'm not a fan of Tom Ford, never have been. 
EARDHARDT:  I heard small parades, fewer balls, why is that? 
TRUMP:  Well, they had many balls, they had like 10, 12 balls and we had to have scheduled here
- we have ball, I think there's  25,000 people and there are going to be bigger, but who wants to have like 10 different balls?  So we did fewer, I mean they sold out, you can't get a ticket.  But in fact, my biggest problem is you can't tickets to any of this stuff, it's impossible.  I was told some of the dress shops in Washington, they - you can't get a dress anymore.  It's like - they're just - it's just going to be an amazing weekend, it's going to be something special.  And you will have crowds like they have rarely seen before.
EARHARDT:  What about Twitter?
Are you going to continue to Tweet?
TRUMP:  Yes.  Look, I don't like Tweeting.  I have other things I could be doing.  But I get very dishonest media, very dishonest press.  And it's my only way that I can counteract.
EARHARDT:  CIA, John Brennan, he responded to your Twitter.  You said -- you questioned whether or not he might be the leaker.  He's saying, no, he's not the leaker. What's your response?
TRUMP:  No, well, I accept his -- look, I accept it.  But it came out of some place and it's fake news.  It's all fake news.  You know, I can say something about George Washington, I can say something about Abraham Lincoln, I can say something about you, I can -- just fake news.  And they shouldn't have been a part of it.  They should not have been a part of it, because it's made up, never existed, never happened. And the reason I say that so strongly, because nothing is ever going to show up.  There's never going to be a tape that shows up.  There's never going to be anything that shows up. Now, I would be very embarrassed if a tape actually showed up saying something like that.  It would be double embarrassed, because I'm saying it. There is no tape.  There is no event.  I was never even in that room for that period of time. They made stuff up and it started with the Republican Party, when they tried to beat me in the nomination and then it went on -- the Democrats took over that work, supposedly. And by the intelligence giving it credence, a little bit of credence by just even talking about it, it was very inappropriate. So I don't know who the leaker was.  I have no idea.  But it's fake news.
EARDHARDT:  Press briefing room, are you going to move it?
TRUMP:  So, we want to move it because for whatever reason, you'll have to explain this to me and everybody, being added to tier 2 but we get a lot of people showing up for press conferences, et cetera, including briefings and the room is too small.
So we said were going to move it to a larger room in a nearby area, but not the same area, and the press went crazy, so I said let's not move it.  But some people in the press will not be able to get in, because there's just too many.  We'll make sure you get a seat, but there's too many people for this small room.
EARDHARDT:  Especially nowadays with bloggers and with radio.
TRUMP:  We have so many people that want to go, and so we'll have to just pick the people to go into the room.  I'm sure other people will be thrilled about that. But we offered a much larger room, because we need a much larger room, and we offered to do that, but they went crazy. And they'll be begging for a much larger very soon.  You watch.
EARHARDT: Did you see the impersonators that were standing in for you? They were in the military demanding the woman -- they were you and Melania.
EARHARDT:  We asked -- we interviewed them this morning and we said is there any advice you have for Mr. Trump?
And he said tell him to watch his step.
Apparently he tripped going up the stairs.
TRUMP:  Ooh, we don't want that to happen
EARHARDT:   we did ask viewers to send in questions and we picked out three...
TRUMP:  Good.
EARHARDT:  This is Karen. She says, "You claim new insurance will cover everyone.  My question is, why not the House of Representatives and other federal employees?  Why don't they get to have a separate insurance plan?  Isn't that part of the swamp's elitism?"
TRUMP:  Right.  She's been watching my speeches.  I talk about it all the time.  I mean people in high levels of government have this fantastic plan, but the people in the country don't have the plan.
And we're going to have a plan that's going to be great for people.  And it's going to be much less expensive.  And you will be able to actually have something to say about who your doctor is and your plan.
So -- and we're going to have -- you know, we have to cover people that can't afford it.  And that's what I'm talking about.  And we'll probably have block grants of Medicaid back into the states.  And we'll do things -- because there are people that can't afford it.  And nobody is going to be dying on the streets with a President Trump.
We want to take care of everybody.
EARHARDT:  A lot of people are just worried how you're going to pay for it, if you insure everyone.
TRUMP:  Well, you watch.  We're going to get private insurance companies to take care of a lot of the people that can afford it.  That's going to take a tremendous burden off and they're going to be able to have plans that are great plans.  So it's very important.
EARHARDT:  OK, this is a good one about the military.  Stephanie says, "Most veterans from the infantry were brought back from the war in the last eight years with no help to transition.  Many are medicating themselves.  If you ask them, their greatest desire is to fight again for this country.  My question is, can you consider a program to help them get clean, thereby allowing them to rejoin the infantry?"
TRUMP:  I think we can and that's a big problem, medicating themselves is exactly what's happening.  Not only with the military, by the way, with the whole country.
I mean one of the reasons we're going to have a strong border is that drugs are pouring across the -- heroin is pouring across the border like you wouldn't believe.  But we are going to have the world -- you know, every once in a while, what you're showing people saying, oh, Trump was just playing games.  He's just having fun.
Oh, we are having a wall.  A wall is going to be built.
EARHARDT:  Now, you -- are we paying for it?
TRUMP: when I said we're going to get reimbursed for the wall, they said, oh, Trump is not keeping his promise.  Hey, wait a minute, we're going to build a wall.  Mexico is going to reimburse us.  And headlines, Trump's not getting -- well, what's this all about?
Now, I could wait, but in order to get the wall started, which we're going to do sooner than we can do the deal, we have to do it this way.
So we're going to have a wall.  Mexico, in some form, Mexico is going to reimburse us for that wall and everybody is going to be happy.  And we're going to stop the drugs from coming in. 
EARHARDT:  OK, one last question from a viewer.  Carolyn  says, "Will you consider creating a legal status to work for non-criminal, undocumented citizens brought here as children?  My son-in-law is one of these.  He supports your wall.  He has said many times that he would rather have been brought here legally or not at all.  He doesn't want any more children subjected to this life of fear."
TRUMP:  I understand that.  And we're working on a plan right now.  And that plan, over the next two to three months, is going to come out.  And it's a plan that's going to be very firm, but it's going to be a lot of heart.  And we're going to be looking into that situation.  That's a very tough situation, but I think they're going to end up being very happy.  We're going to have great people coming into our country, people that love our country.
And we're also going to have people coming into our country merit-based.
You look at Silicon Valley, they can't get -- somebody graduates number one in their class from Harvard and they get thrown out of the country.  We're going to have great people and people of great talent coming into our country.  We're going to have, also, merit-based.  And that's so important.  We don't have that right now.
And if you can think of this, some of the Silicon Valley companies want to build up in Canada, because in Canada, they're able to get the people that they need and they can't get them in this country because we don't allow them in this country.
So we're going to take care of a lot of situations.  And we're going to have a lot of heart, believe me.  It's going to be a heart almost as big as yours.
EARHARDT:  Thank you.
TRUMP:  Thank you.