Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump character didn't make an appearance on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, but the show's ever-shirtless Vladimir Putin was there to review the first 36 hours of Trump's presidency.

And he wasn't kind.

Not even the Russian president was a fan of the first propaganda efforts of the Trump administration: inflating the crowd estimate for the inauguration using easily disprovable numbers and contrary to all visual evidence.

"I'm glad to see so many people showed up to your inauguration," Putin said to Trump, showing an image of a packed Mall in Washington. "Oh wait, that's the woman's march."

The crowds for Saturday's Women’s March on Washington were larger than expected, and the Mall was significantly more crowded than it was for Trump's inauguration Friday.

Then Putin had some advice: "Today you went to the CIA and said 1 million people came to see you in Washington, D.C. If you're going to lie, don't make it so obvious. Say that you're friends with LeBron James -- not that you are LeBron James."