Among the things that endear Jake Tapper's audience to him is his willingness to wear his heart on his sleeve, which is to say his emotions on his face. In his awkward interaction with President Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway on Tuesday, Tapper repeatedly indicated his bafflement or frustration silently, shaking his head in disapproval or slightly widening his eyes in disbelief.

This interaction occurred just at the moment that the world was clamoring for a replacement for the Magic Eight Ball. And so we have made that replacement: Jake Tapper Disapproves.

In the box below, tell Tapper anything you want and see what he thinks. Here is a hint: It is a tool called “Jake Tapper Disapproves” so the odds are decent that he may not approve. Just a warning.

The lawyers haven't seen this, and hopefully they won't have to, so a disclaimer: These responses are not, as you might have assumed, instanteously routed to Mr. Tapper for his opinion. Instead, this tool connects to the intricate powers of the cosmos for its analysis, just as the Magic Eight Ball would, allowing billions of years of stars and matter shape the direction of each atom in existence, down to your phone or computer's motherboard where the outcome of a Math.rand() depends on the grand sweep of universal existence.