Infowars, a website that traffics in conspiracy theories, claimed Monday to have gotten its hands on an outline of President Trump’s upcoming address to Congress. You’re forgiven for being skeptical. After all, this is the site that “reported” the “news” that Hillary Clinton is a child murderer. (Fact check: She is not.)

It appears, however, that someone in the White House really did provide a preview of Trump’s speech to Infowars. After the website posted a list of the president’s talking points, White House press secretary Sean Spicer read many of the same points — almost verbatim, in some cases — during his daily media briefing.

A transcript of Spicer’s remarks is below. We have used Genius annotations to show how closely what Spicer said aligns with what Infowars reported. To view an annotation, click on the highlighted text.

The key takeaway here is that there is some kind of information flow from the White House to Infowars, which might be shocking, except that Trump told Infowars founder Alex Jones in a radio interview during the Republican primary that his “reputation is amazing.”

Tomorrow, the president will deliver his first address to both houses of Congress. In his speech, the president will lay out an optimistic vision for the country, crossing traditional lines of race, party, socioeconomic status.

As I said before, the theme will be the renewal of the American spirit. He will ask Americans of all backgrounds to come together in service of a stronger and brighter future for our nation. In addition to laying out the concrete steps the president has already taken to make the American dream possible for all of our people, he will talk about the bold agenda he wants to work with Congress.

This includes:

  • Tax and regulatory reform to provide relief to hardworking Americans and their businesses
  • Making the workplace better for working parents
  • Insuring the families who have suffered under Obamacare’s skyrocketing rates see it replaced with a patient-centered alternative
  • Making sure every child in America has access to a good education
  • A rebuilding of our military
  • And fulfilling of our commitments to veterans, to whom we obviously owe a great deal of gratitude

You can expect to see a speech grounded firmly in solving real-world problems for every American. How can we make sure that every American who needs a better job get one? How can we get kids who are trapped in failing schools into better ones? How we can keep gangs and drug violence out of our neighborhoods and communities.

The president will address the Americans who have been waiting for help from their leaders for too long and let them know that help is finally on the way.