Sometimes in politics, your youthful indiscretions come back to haunt you. Such is the case with the Democrat running in the special election for Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price's old 6th District seat in Georgia.

Republicans there are faced with defending the suburban Atlanta seat after it got much more competitive in the Year of Trump. The good news for the GOP is, given that Ossoff is 30 years old, their crack opposition researchers only had to look on YouTube to discover attack-ad gold. And the Republican-oriented Congressional Leadership Fund super PAC discovered shocking video of Ossoff from college.

Among its findings in the ad above:

1) Ossoff “fought against restrictions on keg parties.”

Obligatory stock footage of college student doing a kegstand.

2) He was apparently fond of “dressing up with his drinking buddies and pretending to be Han Solo.”

Cue video of Ossoff/Solo talking about smuggling kegs.

3) He was also prone to “making fun of Georgetown's female students.”

Actual lyrics to the a cappella parody song, to the tune of Billy Joe's “Uptown Girl”: “My Georgetown girl/You know she's living in her F Street world/She never toggles off her iGlass (inaudible).”

And then, if this didn't seem like enough of a parody of an attack ad, there's the end.

“Sorry, Jonny, but the Truth Strikes Back,” the narrator says.

Here's the thing, though: This is just the tip of the spear. For years, millennials like Ossoff have been posting YouTube videos of themselves talking about beer and kegs and “Star Wars” and how female students at private colleges enjoy F Street and have iGlasses. And when they finally do run for political office, BOOM, this is what happens.

We'll see whether Ossoff ever recovers. The fates of thousands of millennials' political careers may depend upon it.