A year or two ago, I got the idea of writing a post every weekend about only good news in politics across the country. I scrapped it after a month — not enough material. (I am not kidding.)

Since then, the political climate has only worsened and coarsened; the 2016 campaign was a low point and, unlike past presidencies, the first six weeks of Donald Trump's administration haven't exactly been a honeymoon. More people are interested in politics than ever before, but that interest is almost entirely directed at hating the other side, not rooting for their team.

Enter John McCain and Lindsey Graham. The two senators, who have been close friends and legislative partners for the better part of the past two decades (they met when Graham was a House manager for the impeachment of Bill Clinton), sat down for a conversation with CNN's Dana Bash on Wednesday night.

At the end of the 90-minute discussion, Bash asked McCain and Graham what they each admired most in the other man. This is what happened:

You can hate McCain. Or Graham. Or both. Or Republicans. Or the Senate. Or politics.

But if that exchange doesn't make you feel good, you need to go to the doctor because you don't have a heart.