“Saturday Night Live” just ran a nearly two-minute liberal's dream sequence disguised as a movie trailer.

The trailer — which promises a Republican “patriot who will put country over party” — features a notable omission: a title character. The point is that no Republican has really stood up to President Trump. You get it.

I'll confess that when the trailer began, I wondered if the big reveal would show the “Republican” to be Ben Sasse and then proceed to make fun of the still-little-known first-term senator from Nebraska. Or possibly it would be Arizona's Sen. John McCain, who has spoken out against Trump in pretty tough terms but who supported him during the campaign — even after Trump questioned whether McCain was a war hero and attacked him for getting captured as a prisoner of war.

Neither of these shows of opposition has been sufficient in the eyes of the left.

The truth is that most every Republican is thoroughly gun-shy about going against Trump. Many of them tried to during the campaign when they were convinced, repeatedly, that Trump had gone too far. They were wrong each time.

So when Trump does something beyond the pale now — like, say, accusing his predecessor of wiretapping him while offering no evidence — their first inclination is to hope it blows over. And that's not exactly blockbuster material.

After Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from any ongoing investigations of the Trump administration's relationship with Russia, late-night hosts Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert and others chimed in. (The Washington Post)