White House tours resumed Tuesday after being on hiatus during the presidential transition and inauguration. And within a few short hours, one tour group got just about all the access it could hope for.

Ever the showman, President Trump decided to surprise the group, emerging from behind a wooden partition like an emcee taking the stage, to excited screams and applause. He raised his hands — as if to say “Here I am!” — and greeted a young boy picked from the crowd.

The big reveal took place on the ground floor of the White House, in a stone hallway a level below the front entrance and East Room, where big presidential announcements and medal ceremonies are held. Also present in that stone hallway? A large portrait of Hillary Clinton, Trump's opponent in the election four months ago and an occupant of the house as first lady for eight years.

Trump is hardly the first president to surprise tour groups. Former president Barack Obama occasionally surprised visitors, and former president George W. Bush has occasionally done the same with visitors to his presidential library in Dallas.

Trump's decision to surprise the tour group is one of his less important actions as president. It's a small detail. But it shows that he is still a showman — and still loves the chance to entertain, even as president of the United States.