No president has owed his rise to television more than Donald Trump, so it's fitting that no president is doing so much to enrich TV ad consultants. Just two months in office, the president has already been the focus of millions of dollars of spending on commercials meant to move his agenda through Congress, in part by counteracting the growing public mood that neither he nor the Republican-led Congress are doing anything good.

The highest-profile ad, and the best, dropped Wednesday from the new Making America Great 501c4 As CNN's Teddy Schleifer reports, the group was founded after the megadonor Mercer family lost confidence in America First Policies, a 501c4 that was intended to bolster the Trump political brand, but fell — in the usual, ironic fashion — to infighting.

Are you flummoxed by the many pro-Trump commercials? We have you covered — here they are, ranked.

1. Making America Great Together (Making America Great)

The Mercer family got what it paid for here — a clean, catchy spot that evokes Queen's “We Will Rock You” without having to pay royalties. (You don't become a billionaire by giving money to other people.) The ad credits a smiling Trump with all 298,000 jobs created in February, and thanks him on America's behalf for “reducing EPA regulations” and withdrawing from Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. (The Environmental Protection Agency is broadly popular, but TPP was not.) “America must put its own citizens first,” says Trump, in the joint address to Congress that still stands as the popular highlight of his first 70 days in office.

2. Making America Great Again (America First Policies)

The first (and so far, only) spot from the original pro-Trump PAC is more granular, but also more generic, than it is successful. A message about the president “delivering on his promises” is matched with an image of Trump in front of a Boeing jet. The voice-over intones, “Mainstream media won't tell you this: One month in, President Trump is making America great again.”

3. Call to Defend President Trump (The Committee to Defend the President)

The chintziest of these spots, and in a way the most on-brand with Trump's pre-presidency image, asks viewers of midday cable news to take a phone survey. “We need every Trump supporter to pick up the phone now!” hyperventilates an announcer. “We need the president to know he has the overwhelming support of the American people!” The threat: Democrats trying to slow Trump down with a “war room.” Not very scary, is it? Add in the fact that the ad was created by a Republican who opposed Trump up until he won the nomination, and it comes off more like a grab for money from the Trump brand than a persuasive spot.

4. Support the American Health Care Act (The American Action Network)

The American Action Network and the Congressional Leadership Fund spent more than $10 million, combined, to build public support for the GOP's hastily constructed Obamacare replacement. The AAN went especially hard at conservative Republicans, with a short clip of Trump's joint session speech and a cry to “vote with President Trump.” But like most of the messaging around the American Health Care Act, it relied on bland talking points (“put patients and doctors in charge”) rather than the president's populist simplicity. Like the president, the groups trying to build support for his agenda do well with hype, but they struggle when it comes to policy.