Sean Spicer doesn't have an easy job.

The White House press secretary has to back up the president's every word, from foreign and domestic policy positions to false claims about wiretapping and the size of the crowd at the inauguration.

He also has to answer for the president when the press has questions. Sure, President Trump has held a few news conferences since taking office. But Spicer faces the media most days of the week in the White House briefing room — and he uses one interesting technique to control the number and tenor of questions he has to answer.

He answers a reporter's question, then very quickly calls on the next journalist without taking a breath. Check out how Spicer rushes to the next question over and over, in the video above.

This serves a few purposes for Spicer. First, it fends off the loud cacophony of questions that can erupt during any gap in his answers. Second, he controls who's asking the questions; that means he can avoid particularly probing or adversarial journalists if he chooses. Third, and perhaps most important, it prevents the journalist who asked the original question from asking deeper follow-ups. Spicer is telling them: That was my answer, and I'm not adding more.