Maybe the country is not as divided as we think.

According to a new Pew Research Center survey, an overwhelming majority of Americans, 83 percent, believe the relationship between President Trump and the news media is unhealthy.

Perhaps Pew's finding is unsurprising, but what makes it striking is the remarkably consistent rate of agreement across demographic groups that often view the world very differently. Republicans and Democrats are within 10 percentage points of each other on this issue. Men and women are separated by only three points, the same gap that exists between blacks and whites, and between people who earn less than $30,000 and those who make more than $75,000. Millennials and senior citizens are just one point apart.

Basically, everyone is on the same page here, regardless of party, race, gender, age, income or education.

The consensus doesn't stop there.

Large majorities across the demographic spectrum also agree on the ramifications of an unhealthy relationship between the president and the media. Seventy-three percent said tensions are compromising voters' access to information.

Now, here comes the caveat: “The findings do not speak to who[m] Americans blame for these tensions,” Pew noted.

On the question of fault, there is almost certainly far less agreement. Although we don't have polling data on that specific question, we can make inferences based on related questions (and also common sense).

In March, for example, a Suffolk University-USA Today survey asked voters which of the following two statements most closely aligns with their views:

  • President Trump is right when he says the news media is unfair and biased against him.
  • The news media is right when they say they are appropriately holding the White House accountable.

The splits were dramatic: 79 percent of Republicans sided with Trump and 86 percent of Democrats sided with the media. Whites sided with Trump by one point, while blacks took the media's side by a 40-point margin.

A January Washington Post-ABC News poll found wide rifts on the subject of fairness: 79 percent of Republicans said the media is unfair to Trump, while 75 percent of Democrats said the media is fair.

Americans generally agree that Trump and the press have a dysfunctional relationship. Whether the cause is media bias or the president's thin skin, however, is up for debate.