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‘The Daily Show’ imagined a White House press briefing as a kindergarten class, and it was spot-on

White House press secretary Sean Spicer has finally found his groove, according to “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah, and he has done it by showing “complete disdain for the media.”

“He looks less like a press secretary and more like an overworked kindergarten teacher,” Noah told viewers Wednesday night.

To prove Noah's point, “The Daily Show” cast a bunch of children as the White House press corps and inserted their questions (“Can I feed the fish today?” “Can I go to the bathroom?") into footage from real briefings, in which Spicer has said things like: “We're going to raise our hands like big boys and girls.”

The whole sketch was spot-on. Depending on your view of Spicer and the media, the takeaway is either that Spicer treats reporters like children or that reporters act like children.

The best part was that “The Daily Show” portrayed individual journalists.

There was New York Times reporter “Glenn Thrush” and his fedora.

There was American Urban Radio Networks reporter “April Ryan” and her head shake.

And there was Newsmax reporter “John Gizzi” and his glasses.

The sketch was funny, even if you didn't recognize the journalists the kids portrayed. But if you're a hopeless political junkie who watches the briefing every day and actually knows what these non-TV journalists look like, it was even better.