New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski isn't usually seen in a tailored suit in the company of the Washington political elite.

When he's not on an NFL field, Gronk makes cameos at wrestling events and drinks. A lot.

On Wednesday, he added “making cameos at the White House press briefing” to his repertoire, popping out of the West Wing offices of White House press secretary Sean Spicer's staff during a line of questioning about the Trump administration's views of NAFTA. Gronkowski and other members of the Patriots' Super Bowl winning team were set to meet with President Trump later Wednesday to be congratulated on their February win.

“Need some help?” Gronkowski asked, as a surprised Spicer turned toward him, and members of the press began to laugh.

“I think I got this,” Spicer demurred as Gronkowski quickly turned to leave. “All right. That was cool,” Spicer said a minute later.

White House press briefings usually focus on the administration's policies and the president's plans for the day. But every now and then, something unexpected happens — like a random Rob Gronkowski appearance.