On the new cover of Time magazine, the White House is depicted in the midst of a makeover — the iconic spires of St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow replicated on the roof of President Trump’s home, as it turns red. The arresting image conveys a sense that Russia, as a news subject, is overtaking Washington.

Which, of course, it is.

The cover joins a memorable collection published by Time in the nearly two years since Trump entered politics. Some highlights:

As good as the latest cover is, Time does lose points in the category of originality. Mad magazine featured the same concept in August.

Trump must hate the Time cover, right? Probably. He certainly hates the whole Russia mess.

But remember that Trump has called it “a great honor” to be featured on the cover of Time. He even liked the cover that labeled him a “bully” and a “demagogue.”

“Look at that picture of me on Time,” he said to a People magazine reporter, after that particular issue of Time hit newsstands in March 2016. As he spoke, People reported, Trump gestured to a tall stack of the magazines in his office and asked, “Isn’t that an amazing picture?”

Also, Trump has a habit of collecting magazine covers and hanging them on his office wall.

That was in Trump Tower, however. The Oval Office is another story, and it is hard to imagine a cover that shows the White House morphing into a Russian landmark earning a spot next to Trump’s portrait of Andrew Jackson. Maybe Trump likes the attention, albeit negative, but he probably won’t put this one on display.