President Trump's first trip abroad has gone pretty well.

In a controlled, planned atmosphere, Trump has largely avoided controversy; he met with leaders of Middle Eastern countries in Riyadh, then flew to Israel, where he visited the Western Wall and made appearances with Israeli leaders. He met Pope Francis in Vatican City, then flew to Brussels, where he seems to have avoided major controversy despite chastising fellow NATO members over payment obligations and appearing to use his hand to get past another country's prime minister.

That's no small feat. Before the trip, prognosticators said Trump's ambitious schedule could lead to logistical issues, never mind the veritable minefield of potential diplomatic problems that could arise in any one of the countries Trump visited.

But now the president is wrapping up his trip and is set to return to Washington, where budget negotiations, health care and the Russia investigation loom over everything the administration does.

So to remember the good old days of Trump's first foreign trip, we created the video above: Trump's first foreign trip, getting “The Wonder Years” treatment.