Eric Trump stood next to a man in medieval costume, flanked by bagpipers, the Scottish breeze sweeping across the finely cut grass. With a clumsy upward swing of his heavy broadsword, the knight — nay, the king, for he was dressed as King Robert the Bruce — officially opened the golf course bearing his name.

Trump proclaimed, “I think today we can finally say, we made Turnberry great again!”

The golf course opening was unremarkable, for the most part; the King Robert the Bruce course is one of many courses the Trump Organization owns around the world — courses that raked in almost $300 million last year alone.

But Trump's word choice there, saying the Trump organization “made Turnberry great again,” is interesting. It's directly borrowing his father's 2016 campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” one that, Eric Trump noted in his speech, was printed on countless hats, posters and billboards. It was a political rallying cry, an assertion that now-President Trump, and only Trump, could solve America's problems.

Using a similar slogan in Scotland is a deliberate allusion to the president. It says to viewers: “Remember, the president of the United States owns this golf course.” It's a reminder of Trump's wealth, personal and political success, and it's a blending of Trump's political and business ambitions. It implies that the same business and dealmaking acumen that made Trump wealthy, and eventually president, was brought to the rebuilt golf course.

President Trump himself spends a fair amount of time at his golf courses, particularly a few located near Washington and his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. The Washington Post's Philip Bump has tracked dozens of Trump's visits to his own courses.

President Trump's courses have been the subject of scrutiny, too. On Tuesday, The Post's David A. Fahrenthold wrote about a fake TIME magazine cover Trump displays at several of his golf resorts.

So it's clear the Trump family, and their business, puts a lot of stock in their golf courses and the exclusivity that comes with membership at a Trump property. And it looks like the Trump family is having trouble separating the language they use to talk about politics from the language they use to talk about their businesses.