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Trump tweets a video with a very unfortunate Fox News chyron

Fox News is probably happy to have the president of the United States tweet its videos. But maybe not so much this one.

Trump a short while ago tweeted an excerpt from his speech in Poland, using Fox's feed. It was the section about the fight for Western civilization and the need to come together against foes like “radical Islamic terrorism.”

But look at that chyron in the still image of Trump's tweet:



I wondered: Is the president suddenly crediting his fellow patriarchs for saving Western civilization? Or maybe Trump is adopting a more feminist tone, cheering the decline of the patriarchy. Down with hegemonic masculinity! But who are these patriarchs whose blood saved the West, anyway?

Alas, it was a typo. Here's the full line from Trump:

The memories of those who perished in the Warsaw Uprising cry out across the decades, and few are clearer than the memories of those who died to build and defend the Jerusalem Avenue crossing. Those heroes remind us that the West was saved with the blood of patriots; that each generation must rise up and play their part in its defense, and that every foot of ground, and every last inch of civilization, is worth defending with your life.

This is not to pick on chyron writers. It's a tough job to do that in real time. But when you mess up, you probably hope the president doesn't use that as the still image in his tweets. Otherwise you might give people the impression that Trump gave a very different speech than he did.

Watch President Trump's full speech in Warsaw on July 6. (Video: The Washington Post)