President Trump engaged French President Emmanuel Macron in a jovial, extended handshake on July 14 in Paris. (The Washington Post)

The interactions between President Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron have been dissected ad nauseamboth here on The Fix and elsewhere.

It all started with an intense handshake, way back on May 25, amid tension between the two over the Paris climate accord. The Washington Post's Philip Rucker described their first greeting as “fierce,” as the two seemingly clenched their jaws and refused to be the first to back down.

But now their relationship has changed dramatically — or at least, the body language between the two has changed — in the time since, particularly after Trump's whirlwind visit to Paris this week. As Trump and first lady Melania Trump prepared to leave France on Friday, Trump engaged Macron in a lengthy handshake. It began with a standard handshake, then morphed into a kind of bro-embrace, a sort-of dap between two world leaders who clearly get along on a personal level, if their broad smiles and laughter over the course of the trip are any indication.

The two didn't even let go as Trump embraced French first lady Brigitte Macron.

Trump tweeted later on Friday that he'd had “great conversations” with Macron.

It's obviously not the most important aspect of Trump's trip to France. But it's a window into the relationship between Trump and one of his most powerful and popular European counterparts — a man who, at first, appeared to be a political adversary. The two still don't see eye-to-eye on every issue, but if this endless handshake is any indication, they've come a long way since May 25.