President Trump got great reviews for his Phoenix speech last night - at least according to the 45 accounts he follows on Twitter. Libby Casey looks at Twitter from President Trump's view using the account @trumps_feed, created by Philip Bump. (David Jorgenson/The Washington Post)

Headlines about President Trump’s Phoenix speech on Tuesday night said he "ranted and rambled," was "angry and unbridled," and "lashed out." But according to the Twitter accounts followed by Trump, his speech was a huge success.

The president is followed on Twitter by 36.6 million accounts, yet he only follows 45. My colleague Philip Bump created @trumps_feed as a way to see the tweets that cross the president's screen. It's a feed worth following for what it reveals: a world in which Trump triumphs and his opponents are losers.

On Wednesday morning, Trump's feed touted luxurious properties of the Trump Organization, stoked fears about undocumented immigrants and focused on the controversy over ESPN's decision to bench Asian-American announcer Robert Lee from the University of Virginia football game. Missing from the feed: stories about protests outside the president's rally or concerns about his crumbling relationship with Congress.

As Bump pointed out, nine of the Twitter accounts Trump follows are related to his private businesses. Seven are family members. Many of the rest are Fox News personalities, people connected to the Apprentice TV show, or Trump staffers (and a growing number of former staffers such as Reince Priebus).

The president said in Phoenix that he relies on Fox News, which he said treats him fairly, and credited social media with his political success. That underscores the significance and influence of the 45 accounts he follows on Twitter: They are informing the views of the president of the United States.