President Trump hates the way Alec Baldwin portrays him on “Saturday Night Live.” He also resents the Emmys for perpetually snubbing “The Apprentice.”

According to Kellyanne Conway, however, the president is far too busy to give much thought to Baldwin's Emmy win on Sunday — or his taunting of Trump for all those years without an award.

Trump does have a big week ahead, starting with meetings at the United Nations on Monday morning. But because he also has demonstrated a strong interest in television, victories and his own image, it is hard to believe he “barely noticed” Baldwin or the Emmys.

The White House adviser’s comments on “Fox & Friends” Monday morning seemed like the latest attempt to influence the president’s behavior through a TV appearance.

Co-host Steve Doocy asked Conway a tongue-in-cheek question about whether Trump will take time to congratulate Baldwin.

“Let me predict the future: No,” Conway replied. “And he probably barely noticed. He's addressing the United Nations General Assembly today. There are a lot of things on the president of the United States' docket: North Korea, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, health-care reform, the border wall. He's a busy guy.”

Roughly 24 hours earlier, Trump had appeared far less busy and focused than Conway described, as he retweeted a series of Internet memes, including one in which he knocks down Hillary Clinton with a golf ball.

Trump sometimes watches and responds to what he sees on “Fox & Friends,” a habit Conway is surely aware of. If he was watching Monday morning, Conway's answer to Doocy's question could have doubled as a direct message to the president: Please, Mr. President, pay attention to your job and ignore Alec Baldwin and the Emmys.

In case you missed it because you, too, were thinking about health care and Venezuela, Baldwin began his acceptance speech by teasing Trump.

“I suppose I should say, at long last, Mr. President, here is your Emmy,” Baldwin said.

When Trump hosted “The Apprentice,” he repeatedly complained about the Emmys, claiming that the awards process was unfair. When Clinton brought up his long-standing gripe during a presidential debate last fall, Trump expressed his frustration all over again. “Should have gotten it,” he said.

To see Baldwin win a trophy Trump has coveted — for a performance as an unflattering Trump caricature, no less — must have stung the president. Moreover, the entire Emmys telecast was laced with Trump mockery. It is hard to imagine that he “barely noticed” any of it.

Still, Trump resisted the temptation to vent on Twitter, which could have distracted from his work at the U.N. this week. Conway, with her reminder of how “busy” the president is, seemed to be encouraging her boss to keep resisting.