President Trump figuratively dangled a letter from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in front of reporters on Friday, as he confirmed that a June 12 summit is back on.

“That letter was a very nice letter,” Trump said at a White House news conference. “Oh, would you like to see what was in that letter. Wouldn't you like? How much? How much? How much?”

When a journalist asked whether the president could “just give us the flavor of what the letter said,” Trump said, “It was a very interesting letter. At some point, it may be appropriate and maybe I'll be able to give it to you, maybe.”

A few minutes later, however, Trump said he hadn't even opened the letter, which was delivered by Kim Yong Chol, a high-ranking North Korean official who previously directed that country's spy agency.

“I haven't seen the letter yet,” the president said. “I purposely didn't open the letter. I haven't opened it. I didn't open it in front of the director. I said, ‘Would you want me to open it?’ He said, ‘You can read it later.’ ”