Why is President Trump so good with orbs? We checked, and he definitely does more orb stuff than any other president.

For example, nobody except Trump looks totally at ease with the orb in this viral photo from early 2017 — not even Saudi King Salman, and it’s his orb!

But Trump’s just smirking away, in total command and control of the orb.

If anything, Trump has only become better with orbs after a year and a half of being president. On Tuesday, his chief of staff accidentally turned the lights off while he was meeting with Congress members, and, boom, orb to the rescue.

Here are some other orb photos. In this one, a helper orb appears on Trump’s teleprompter during last year’s confrontational speech to the United Nations General Assembly.

And here, a formation of protective orbs watch over Trump as he walks with White House staff secretary Rob Porter in December.

Porter was forced to resign over allegations of domestic abuse two months later, but that had nothing to do with orbs.

Look — here’s an assistant to Darth Vader bowing down before a glowing orb-like vat, or tube, or something, while Trump speaks to reporters on Air Force One.

Trump unexpectedly confronted a hostile red orb during a lunch meeting at the White House last month.

Trump later made a deal with the red orb, and now it’s his ally. Here he is deploying it against NATO members during his trip to Brussels on July 12.

Though he rarely discusses it in public, Trump is actually half-orb.

Hey, what are you doing with that orb, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis? That’s not yours!

Yeah, that’s right, Mattis. Leave the orb to the boss.

Incidentally, does anyone remember back during the George W. Bush administration, when there was a whole thing about Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld doing martial arts moves with his hands?

Sometimes people would doctor the photos to make it look like Rumsfeld was doing orb magic. But that was in the mid-2000s; things were more basic. Now we have a president who uses orbs for real.

If you watched Trump’s joint news conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, you probably saw Putin give him an inert decorative orb as a gesture of friendship between the two countries. It was generally well received.

Russia still lags behind the United States in technology, so Putin’s orb doesn't actually do anything. But look at the top of the photo, in both corners. See them? That’s right. Orbs.

And remember when we were all told the sun was going to be swallowed by a dark orb, but only Trump had the courage to look and see for himself?

It's because Trump understands orbs. He understands them like no president has ever understood them before. Definitely.

Trump is expected to be president of the United States for at least another 916 days, so we may update this post in the future.

This story has been updated with more orb. 

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