Politico snagged what they justifiably call the greatest #spotted photo of all time on Friday of Donald Trump Jr. and special counsel Robert S. Mueller III waiting at the worst airport gate in America.

Mueller’s spokesman said he was “not aware” that Trump Jr. was also at the gate “and had no interaction with him.” Trump Jr. has yet to comment on the photo, which has raised more than a few questions here at The Fix.

1) How did Mueller not see Don Jr.?

2) Did Don Jr. see Mueller?

3) Why didn’t Don Jr. say anything to Mueller about the “witch hunt” against President Trump?

4) Why is an executive vice president of the Trump Organization flying commercial out of that much-derided gate?

5) Why isn’t Mueller wearing a tie?

6) What is Mueller reading?

7) Why doesn't Mueller seem to have any Secret Service agents with him? 

8) Does Don Jr. always prefer the window seat?

9) What is Don Jr. listening to?

10) Who is the guy to the right?

11) Does any of this matter?

Probably not.

Natalie Jennings, Amber Phillips, Eugene Scott, Amanda Finnegan and Matt Zapotosky contributed to this report.