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The senator built good will in the press through candor and accessibility.

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President Trump’s lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani has liberally employed dramatic facial expressions, laughs, sighs and over-the-top reactions as part of his campaign to undermine investigations surrounding Trump.

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It's one thing to make a case for media bias and unfairness; it's another to constantly exaggerate the evidence.

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Four times in two days, the White House press secretary refused to condemn heckling of journalists or to say the media is not the enemy of America.

“Hate begets hate,” Politico reporter Marc Caputo said as he apologized for mocking Trump supporters at a Tampa rally.

Massachusetts state Sen. Barbara L’Italien appeared Monday on “Fox & Friends First,” criticizing President Trump's “illegal and inhumane” treatment of migrant families.

The cover comes amid walkbacks and clarifications following President Trump's joint news conference with the Russian president.

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Trump was heavily criticized on the network, which has typically offered praise and limited criticism of the president.

Time and the New Yorker strike a nerve with their covers — again.

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The Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist became known for his wit, not his wheelchair.

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