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A look at the weird process by which a party picks a nominee.

Watch the 2 party conventions -- in 2 minutes.

The Obama for America communications director talks about what the campaign expects from the next two nights.

Republican women boost Romney's favorability in new WaPo-ABC poll.

  • Jon Cohen and Scott Clement
  • ·
  • Sep 4, 2012
  • ·

It's the Democrats' turn to gather this week in Charlotte, and the Fix is there to continue the series of Google+ Hangouts we started last week in Tampa.

Mitt Romney has a slight edge in North Carolina ahead of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

Polls support Mitt Romney's claim that the public is worried about the security of future generations. But its not the first time.

Fix Hangout with DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Fix Hangout: N.J. Senate candidate Joe Kyrillos and gearing up for Paul Ryan

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